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Hardwood Flooring Store in Idaho Falls, ID

Hardwood floors have been around for many years, and as time continues to go by, hardwood is still one of the top flooring choices today. Its durability, charm, and character make choosing hardwood a simple decision. We take pride in offering high-quality, long-lasting hardwood flooring at Carpet One Floor & Home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Whether your home design is centered on comfy linens or modern metals, we have a hardwood floor that’s perfect for you.


What’s the Difference between Solid and Engineered Floors?

As part of our wide selection, we carry both solid and engineered hardwood floors that range in species, stain, and style to fit your home.



While it has more dimensional stability, you may not be able to refinish your engineered wood as many times as solid wood, meaning your floors won’t last as long. This depends on how thick the real hardwood layer is. Higher quality engineered products have a thicker hardwood cut and many can last just as many years as solid wood.



Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?

Hardwood floors can be installed in many areas of your home, including:


These rooms are all ideal spaces for hardwood floors since they’re low moisture. Bathrooms and kitchens are not suitable for solid or engineered hardwood floors because they tend to have a high number of liquid accidents as well as high moisture levels.



Preparing For Your Hardwood Installation

We recommend choosing professional flooring installation for your hardwood needs. We work with local contractors to ensure every installation has optimal results. To ensure a smooth installation process, take time to chat with our onsite hardwood experts and have all your questions ready!


Where Can I Find Hardwood Flooring Near Me?

If you want to learn more about hardwood, visit us in Idaho Falls, ID. We have brands like Baroque®, Rustic River™, Hydrotek, and Hanover Hills, among others! To learn more, browse our hardwood flooring selection online now!




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How to Maintain Hardwood Flooring?

Do you want to learn about how to take care of hardwood

floors before you invest? Check out our recommendations below. 









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